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Pay Per Click - PPC Birmingham Agency

Here at Big Group Insight we provide a full managed service for PPC Birmingham, the UK and even Global campaigns. Our team of trained professionals are all PPC experts so you can be confident we know what we're doing, as a full PPC Agency in Birmingham.

We'll spend time researching the best keywords and phrases for you to target and also let you know which ones not to.

Delivering you a PPC Return On Investment (ROI) - See instant results

We know you need to see an ROI for every £1 you spend on PPC, so with us managing it for you we can make sure you do! You'll receive regular contact from us with updates and reports to discuss what we're achieving, and allow you to feedback any ideas you have.

With us managing your PPC you'll be able to see results instantly. As soon as you launch a new product or service we can be advertising it, giving you traffic and potential customers immediately.

Managed by people - a personal service

We control and manage all our clients PPC accounts personally - we do not use software. So we know at all times what is happening and can make suggestions on how to improve. Software can be good but we'd rather make the decisions ourselves.

As a PPC Agency we will always ensure you get the most from your budget and we will never exceed it, so you'll always be in control of how much you want to spend. Over time you'll be making savings with better targeting of keywords and constant updating of your campaign.

Why not combine our PPC Management Service with managed SEO to grow your organic traffic and reduce your spend even further.

Ready to get to the top?

Contact us to discuss the idea of Big Group Insight becoming your Pay Per Click - PPC Birmingham Agency. Or see how other clients have achieved great results using our Pay Per Click managed service in our case studies. We'd be happy to meet you in our Solihull office or come to you and discover how our services can benefit your business.

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